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Best known for his aquatic scenes portraying dolphins or manatees, North Florida artist Steve Wallis offers affordable prints, original, and custom artwork on a variety of subjects...

Artist Steve Wallis was born in South Boston, Massachusetts on July 29, 1957.  The son of a Navy man, he grew up in San Diego, California, and Gulfport, Mississippi.  Steve credits his Gulfport high school art teacher, Mrs. Carolyn Whitehead, for helping him to realize his talents.  With her encouragement, he entered a drawing into 1975’s national art contest sponsored by Scholastic Art Magazine.  Despite the fact that it was his first ink drawing, Cleaning Materials in Dots won first place at both the state and regional levels, and received an honorable mention at the national finals in New York City.

In the following years, Steve continued working with art in a variety of capacities, producing custom artwork by commission on a part-time basis.  In 1991, he began working with colored pencils when, once again, an exceptional teacher helped him to grow as an artist.  Joan Folsom of Virginia’s Old Dominion University both instructed and inspired him to exceed his former limits and expand his abilities.  It was also at this point in time that Steve began producing pen and ink drawings in the style known as "Pointillism".

In over twenty-five years of pursuing his art, Steve has worked with many types of mediums to depict a wide range of subject matter.  The artwork on this site is, for the most part, from his personal collection- influenced by his hobbies and personal interests, and executed in the mediums he most enjoys.

Currently living in the coastal city of Jacksonville, Florida, Steve continues to produce custom artwork ranging from landscapes to portraits.  Most of his work comes from referrals and word-of-mouth, with clients ranging from individuals to businesses.  If you like what you see here, he can produce custom work for you in your choice of mediums on whatever subject you would like.






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